Sunday, January 29, 2006

Celebrity Big Brother, Florida style

Having been away for the past couple of weeks, BoyNibsEd really must apologise for the lack of posting. The uncharitable might blame GirlNibsEd, for managing a grand total of three posts since January 10.

But the truth is, there's been a paucity of Nib-like news out there. Look at the facts. A politician went on Celebrity Big Brother (which turned out, oh cruel twist of fate, to be won by the only non-celebrity in there), and mewed like a cat. The Liberal Democrats, faced with the prospect of sleeping with their wives for the next decade, looked for a Real Alternative - and got caught. And a bottle-nosed whale was caught - swimming past the Houses of Parliament.

For the past two weeks, in fact, the BBC News website WAS The Nibs 24-7.

Still, some crucial stories have slipped through the cracks. Such as in the small town of Arcadia, Florida. On Friday night, as Celebrity Big Brother worked its way to its triumphant finale, Arcadia was hosting its very own celebrity event: Celebrity Kiss-A-Goat.

According to the DeSoto Sun Herald, visitors to the DeSoto County Fair were able to vote who they wanted to kiss the vote by putting pennies in a jar (a low-tech, and surely cheaper, version of calling a Channel 4 hotline). The Herald reports that various "celebrities" (the Herald, unlike Channel 4, is self-aware enough to use quotation marks) took part, with DeSoto Memorial Hosptial CEO James Chromik the runaway winner.

Unfortunately Chromik declined to take the 'prize', perhaps not unreasonably thinking that while being mocked by one's employees is all part of the job, making out with a bearded animal is above and beyond. Instead DeSoto County Fair youth livestock show coordinator Mary Ellen Brown stepped in to plant one on the unsuspecting animal, named Hernan..

Brown's comment afterwards was "at least it was a boy." She didn't actually SAY "this time"... but one suspects she may have previous experience. The 2005 DeSoto County Fair Celebrity Kiss-A-Goat contest, featuring Henrietta the goat, no doubt left a bad taste in the mouth.


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