Friday, January 20, 2006

Lumberjack turns to housework after kidney transplant

Have you ever wondered whether or not it mattered that organ transplants came from the same sex as your own?

This is a question that Croatian Stjepan Lizacic, 56, probably wishes he had asked before he was given a female kidney - and along with it apparently some feminine qualities. This came as quite a shock to the normally butch and chauvinistic lumberjack.

He told local newspaper 24sata: "I have developed a strange passion for female jobs like ironing, sewing, washing dishes, sorting clothes in wardrobes and even knitting."

Lizacic is suing his local health authority for making him a laughing stock amongst his friends since developing his womanly attributes. He says that not only would he not touch the housework before the operation but now, he found it 'relaxing and fulfilling'.

Of course, his wife, Radmila, is very happy with the change - but as long as it only applies to the housework. Expressing her delight, her only misgiving was: "I only hope he doesn't start looking at other men."

What a lucky woman.


  • Hmmm, maybe I had a transplant that I am not aware of since I have none of those inclinations...

    By Blogger Butterscotch, at 3:14 AM  

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