Friday, February 10, 2006

Civil servants' rights go down the drain

It seems that working for the civil service isn't always a bundle of laughs. Especially if you're employed by the Department of Culture in Romania.

(No, not because of a lack of culture in Romania.)

Paraschiv Usturoiu, Department of Culture boss in Vrancea county, has told his employees to use newspapers and magazines instead of toilet paper - to save money.

He seemed quite blase about the whole idea, telling 7 Plus newspaper: "I can't afford to buy toilet paper any more so I cut some local newspapers into pieces and placed them in the toilets. I'm sure they'll work just fine."

Naturally, the employees were as upset as a group of Andrex puppies who have suffocated each other in a soft and luxurious roll of toilet paper.

One woman said: "It's degrading and we can hurt ourselves or get infected from that ink they use for printing newspapers."

Good news for The Guardian. Bad news for Andrex.


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