Thursday, February 09, 2006

Don't mention the war

England football fans were today warned they must be on their best behaviour if they plan to travel to Germany for this summer's World Cup.

According to Obengruppenfuhre... sorry, Police Chief Gerhard Hauptmannl, fans who goose-step or give Nazi salutes will be hauled in front of a judge within 24 hours and could spend up to 2 weeks behind bars.

Speaking in Nuremberg, which he described as a city "famous for its human rights", Herr Hauptmannl insisted "we do not live in the past". (Note: the German for captain is Hauptmann, so assuming he is a police captain, we might reasonably expect his full title to be Hauptmann Hauptmannl. If you're planning to visit Nuremberg this summer, we don't suggest you point this out).

But HH did add that "we are very sensitive about our history" and warned that if convicted of inciting racial hatred, fans could face jail sentences of up to three years.

Goose-stepping and Nazi salutes? Inciting racial hatred? In the words of Mr Fawlty: "They started it!"


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